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In the article, “ Duo turn plastic waste in to concrete idea”, Goy (2016) claims that company BlueRen found an eco-friendly way to have the capability to incorporate plastic waste in to cement by converting plastic waste into carbon nanotubes. With this technology, it provides stronger attributes. Hence, more plastic waste can be recycled which minimize the use of cement to make concrete. BlueRen's technology involves the process of converting plastics into hydrocarbon gases and producing carbon nanotubes. Despite studies shown the conversion of plastic waste into carbon nanotubes often emits harmful gases and churns out high cost, researches are confident that they will be able to commercialize the product which they were funded by external company as well. BlueRen technology will make a feasible choice as compared to the typical method of conversion as the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Team: Ronvin, Jonathan

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Summary on “ Duo turn plastic waste in to concrete idea”

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