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Technical Report Draft 1

Introduction/ Background Over a month into pursuing a degree under SIT as full-time students, our team came to realise that homework in the form of assignments, tests and projects can be overwhelming. The only way to stay ahead of the curriculum while juggling co-curriculum activities is to seize time between lectures/ tutorials and after school for revision.

Doing so has become increasingly difficult due to the current situation in our campus for several reasons.

First and foremost, most courses follow similar academic timetables which means the tests and exams are approximately in the same period. The clash in academic timetable causes an influx in students needing to revise towards the end of the study terms and the start of tests. This makes finding unoccupied study areas during such periods a tedious one.

Secondly, projects are commonly assigned to students for submission in groups. The need to discuss projects in groups makes it a challenge securing study areas with vacancy to acc…

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